Langley Gymnastics

Are you wasting time on tasks that can be automated?

When it comes to running a business, there are never enough hours in a day. Find out how Langley Gymnastics automated registration and reporting so they could focus on serving their community!

  • The challenges this gym faced
  • The reasons why they chose Amilia
  • Some of the features the team couldn’t live without


The Langley Gymnastics Foundation provides the Langley community with quality gymnastics programs focusing not only on gymnastics as a sport but also on elements of gymnastics that can help the physical and mental development of their community. With the slogan "What I Believe I Can Achieve”, Langley practices what they preach by teaching and supporting their athletes from the recreational parent and tot to the competitive National stream.

A staff of over 60 offers their community recreation & competitive programs, camps, birthday parties and field trips. Their foundation program promotes and enhances motor skill development and physical fitness for children with special needs. Tattina has been working at Langley for over three years in the administration, marketing and customer service department. In Langley Gymnastics, she saw an organization with an impressive mission and an environment for growth.

Tattina dedicates her time to optimizing the use of Langley’s systems to offer their clients the best service possible. In addition to her day-to-day administrative duties, Tattina and the rest of the marketing team work to promote gymnastics as not only a highly competitive sport but also a building block for physical literacy at all ages.


Langley was using a popular registration software that met some of their needs but fell short in critical areas like selling multiple memberships and managing peak registration times. Key missing features made it difficult for Langley to centralize their business online and offer all their programs, activities, and pro-shop items in one online location.

Because Langley is a member of the BC Gymnastics Federation, it resells the federation’s membership along with insurance but with the old software, they weren‘t able to offer the different membership combinations to their clients... Read More.

"It used to take us hours to go through all the lists and make sure all the numbers were right. Now we don’t have to do anything which is great because we have so much more time to work on other projects."
Tattina Tedaka-Slavik
Owner, Langley Gymnastics Foundation

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