Flyers All-Starz

The managers, who were also the head coaches, were knee-deep in paperwork. Consequently, this pulled them away on what really mattered: coaching.

Why does Flyers Cheer Gym have more time to pursue their dream? With 2 gyms and multiple programs, Flyers needed a flexible solution for their online registrations. With Amilia they were able to:

  • Reduce administrative time
  • Give their clients an intuitive registration experience
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Achieve accurate financial reporting


Flyers Cheer Gym offers athletes a modern and safe environment to practice cheerleading, tumbling and gymnastics. With 750 teams finishing in the top three over the years, including three World championships, the Flyers are known to be one of the best cheer gyms in Canada.

Charles Lanoue has owned Flyers Cheer for the last eight years. What started as a hobby in high school rapidly became his life’s passion. He loves to share his knowledge of the sport with young athletes: “Kids become passionate about cheerleading. Through this sport, they learn what teamwork, discipline, and great work ethic means.”

In 2017, a new Flyers gym opened in Ottawa. Charles' goal with this new challenge: get as many people as possible interested in cheerleading and create a new winning team for the Worlds.


Flyers Cheer Gym first opened in Montreal in 2005 with only 3 teams. Since then, the number of athletes interested in cheerleading has grown along with their clientele and programs. In addition to the competitive program, the organization added recreational classes, summer camps and tumbling classes.

This rapid growth drastically increased the administrative work that employees had to manage. The managers, who were also the head coaches, were overwhelmed by paperwork. “The way we were working was archaic.” Hence, they had less time to concentrate on what really mattered; coaching... Read More.

"Now, when a customer has questions, I only have to take my smartphone out of my pocket and connect to Amilia. I have access to all accounts and I can answer their questions immediately!"
Charles Lanoue
Owner, Flyers All-Starz

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