Coyotes Center

The more athletes were signing up to the Coyotes, the more challenging it was to track customer payments and queries in excel.

After hearing about Amilia, Catia took the free online trial and was impressed by the simplicity and versatility of the system. Moreover, when she encountered difficulties, she knew that there was always an Amilia employee who could help her.

Find out how Amilia simplifies daily management and registration for the Coyotes Center with:

  • Customer-relationship management;
  • Customizable forms; and
  • Secure online payments and registration.


In 2008, the Coyotes Center opened their doors. Today, it is the largest cheerleading training center in Quebec. It offers, of course, competitive programs, as well as recreational classes aimed at young people of all ages. Coyotes Center promotes health, friendship and determination. Their clientele is large, with about 500 athletes, and is constantly growing due to the increasing popularity of the sport.


The support team at the Coyotes Center managed their daily activities using Excel sheets. Initially, this technique worked, but as more athletes were signing up, the more tedious it was to track customer payments and queries. The risk of data loss was increasing.

In addition, parents had to register in person, which often led to a lot of unnecessary paperwork. In short, Catia realized that a great deal of time was devoted to administrative tasks, so that some employees had to work almost exclusively at the center’s reception... Read More.

"With the creation of attendance lists, payment tracking, account reporting, automatic discounts and synchronized calendars, Amilia has become indispensable to our everyday work"
Catia Lopes
Owner, Coyotes Center

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