Julie wanted a software to reduce non-value added tasks and streamline administrative work at the Cosmodome.

In the past, the Cosmodome manually processed the registration of its participants. The time spent on manual tasks increased consistently since the Cosmodome activities were experiencing significant growth year after year.

With Amilia, the Cosmodome is now able to:

  • Devote more time to customer satisfaction
  • Streamline the registration process
  • Automate data entry for participants


The Cosmodome offers visitors a unique experience: virtual space missions and interactive courses. In addition to offering space camps for youth ages 9 to 15, the Cosmodome organizes school visits, introductory days and corporate events. Annually, almost 135,000 people visit the organization's facilities.

During their busy season, almost 60 employees work at the Cosmodome; this includes executives, administrative staff, day camp leaders and specialists. To increase the accessibility of their activities, the Cosmodome established its own foundation with a mission to provide young people from underprivileged backgrounds the chance to
learn about the science of space.


In the past, the Cosmodome manually processed the registration of its participants. Camper parents had to download a PDF form from the website, fill it out and return it by mail, email or fax. The administrative team would then compile the invoices. This tedious process created many problems. Staff had difficulty reading the handwriting on the forms and needed to contact parents by phone to clarify their responses. A significant amount of time was also spent managing incomplete forms and entering data.

The manual work did not end there; administrative staff would then create attendance lists with Excel, adding relevant medical information such as allergies, diseases and emergency contacts. Once registration was completed, administrators had to mail a copy of the contract to parents to confirm their registration... Read More.

"As an organization promoting the most advanced registration and the automation of certain tasks then became necessary."
Julie Provençal
Entertainment & Cultural Activities Manager, Cosmodome

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