Engage your community with eCommerce for activities

SmartRec™ by Amilia is a platform built for you and your community. By streamlining day-to-day operations and creating a seamless user experience, we’re making activities as accessible as buying a book online.

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Dig into your success toolkit

SmartRec handles the operational side of things, so you can focus on your passions.

Online registration

Provide your customers with a simple way to discover and register for activities and memberships online.

Membership management

Offer flexible membership options, control access to facilities, and connect meaningfully with members to improve retention.

Program and class management

Plan and coordinate all your programming, reduce repetitive tasks, and track real-time data to make informed decisions.

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Automated billing and payments

Give clients flexible payment options, while ensuring that transactions are completed before sign-ups are finalized.

Facility rentals

Maximize the use of your space while avoiding booking conflicts with centralized rental and reservation information.

Staff scheduling

Create schedules, manage availability, and track time – all on the same platform in which you do everything else.

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Your registrations. Online, not in line.

Put your best foot forward with our intuitive registration experience. SmartRec equips you with the tools you need to collect and store member information, handle peak registration periods, set up payment plans, and promote your organization.

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Industries we work with

SmartRec's flexibility allows us to work with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

See SmartRec in action