A Great Customer Experience: Don’t Make Them Work for It

Communicate information that matters and will help you build loyalty.

With companies looking to reach consumers each day, building an authentic connection with your customers has never been more important. Customers are the fuel that your business runs on. How can you differentiate yourself from the rest when every Tom, Dick and Harry is screaming for their attention?

Amilia makes each interaction you have with your customers meaningful by eliminating the clutter of less-than-optimal processes and communications. In this article, we bring solutions to the main barriers that threaten to kill the connection with the network that you’ve worked so hard to build.

1. Keep Money Out of It

Ever had to spend hours sending emails to customers reminding them about upcoming or, worse, overdue payments? Nobody likes having these conversations and there is no denying that the topic puts a strain on otherwise pleasant relationships. With Amilia, you can fully automate payments so that when a new customer signs up online, putting in their billing information is a part of the account setup. Additionally, you can also schedule recurring payments such as subscriptions and set up instalments & scholarships so that you never have to chase a customer for payments ever again.

This gives you the opportunity to really consider the email content that will prove the most valuable for your customers – be it upcoming private classes, new courses, or simply highlights from the last month – you can communicate information that matters and will help you build loyalty.

2. Give Them What They Value

Private lessons are often in great demand because your customers value that one-on-one time with their coaches. But after working with hundreds of organizations, we know just how challenging it can be to set up private lessons and the frustration that last minute cancellations can cause. Not to mention, a general lack of organization can create a negative impression.

Which is why we have created a module that fully automates private lessons so that you don’t have to spend another minute juggling multiple schedules and availabilities or dealing with cancellations. Save your customers the trouble of multiple follow-ups, in-person registrations and last-minute schedule changes through a portal that updates in real-time and allows your customers to book a private lesson from the comfort of their home, any time of day.

Then you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the influx of that additional revenue.

3. Keep it Simple for Them

At Amilia, the end-user (that’s your customer!) experience is our North Star - guiding us to build a platform that offers your customers a seamless and even delightful experience with your organization. We believe that technology should eliminate the clutter and allow to leverage your in-person interactions as moments of true connection – and not administrative work.

Amilia’s Global User Account allows account holders to add family member profiles so that everything can be entered, tracked and paid for through a single centralized account. Users can register online and track their (and their family’s) schedules & upcoming activities through the activities calendar which includes details such as activity time, location and other key details. No more waiting in long registration lines and creating entries for each individual family member.

To differentiate yourself from the competition – you need to show your customers that they are your priority. And you can do that by offering the best programs and services – but also by showing them that you consider their time precious and are committed to making the experience with you as easy and pleasant as possible.

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