Success Story: Quebec Dance School

How Quebec Dance School leveraged Amilia to enhance their staff & client satisfaction

Pallavi Borkar
Pallavi Borkar
July 24, 2020 2 min read

The Quebec Dance School is a leader in the field of dance in Canada. The school’s main goal is to train professional dancers in contemporary dance. The school also offers young people the opportunity to develop their passion for this discipline through a dance-study program, camps, and recreational courses. The organization welcomes nearly 1,300 participants per year.

Identifying the problem

Due to its popularity, as soon as the registration period began in September, the School would receive hundreds of dancers in endless lines waiting to register in person. The school would hire extra part-timers just to manage the foot traffic.

Working offline made it difficult to assist customers without rushing and led to several errors in the data collected. Faulty client records and missing proofs of payment also meant that transactions were difficult to track and the team couldn’t be sure if a client had paid the fee.

Additionally, the dance classes began the day after the registration period ended causing stress levels to soar as the staff tried to get everything organized while relying on paper-based, often erroneous, data. It was clear that a successful online registration and management system could solve many of their problems.

World-class dance training and the customer experience to match…

Quebec Dance School ROI

Register online, not in line.

Amilia helped the team move their classes and offerings online so dancers could register from the comfort of wherever they were instead of waiting in line for hours.

Effortlessly collect and track data.

Using Amilia for registrations meant clients were responsible for creating their online accounts so the data they submitted about classes registered for, emergency contact information, transaction history, etc. would be collected by Amilia in real-time. Payments could be tracked with ease and reminders could be sent to those who had not paid without the awkward conversations.

Improved planning and service delivery.

Quebec Dance School has set up online registration periods, eliminating the need for chaotic peak period registrations. Additionally, once the classes begin, instructors use Amilia to track participant progress and skills so they can be better trainers to the dancers, thereby focusing on the things that the School does best.

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