How Amilia’s partnership with Beyond Dance Consulting helped City Dance Arts grow their registrations by 64%

Learn how a partnership with Amilia contributed to the launch and growth of this Toronto-based dance studio.

Olivia Vandzura
Olivia Vandzura
February 9, 2022 6 min read

Beyond Dance Consulting is a Toronto-based organization committed to helping dance studios succeed. Since 2017, founder and owner Tracey Chamberlain has provided valuable information and advice on how to successfully run a dance studio, all while inspiring and evolving their creative aspirations.

Given Tracey’s years of professional dance experience, expert knowledge on studio management, and admirable insights on online marketing techniques, Amilia was thrilled with the opportunity of collaborating with her. Inspired by a common goal of helping dance studios thrive, Amilia welcomed Beyond Dance Consulting as a partner. Keep reading to hear how this partnership helped City Dance Arts, a dance studio in Toronto, successfully launch their business in the middle of the pandemic.

Building an online and offline presence

Mary Anne Campbell, founder and owner of City Dance Arts, dreamed of opening a dance studio. Even though securing a facility and setting up the marketing initiatives during a pandemic would be difficult, it wasn't impossible. Familiar with Tracey's reputation in the industry, Mary Anne reached out for her support and Tracey accepted the challenge.

When Tracey says she will do just about anything to help her clients - she means it. It was in this spirit that both women jumped in the car and drove around the city in search of Mary Anne's future dance studio. They stumbled upon a For Rent sign and signed the lease that very same day. In 2020, City Dance Arts was born.

Finding the facility was just the beginning. As an Amilia partner, Tracey knew City Dance Arts would benefit from our eCommerce platform, especially in uncertain times where virtual classes were quickly becoming the new norm. The ability to have all communications, payments, and registrations done virtually was no longer a luxury; it had become a necessity.

Focus on what you love

“Even though we’re small, I couldn’t imagine manually tracking payments” shares Mary Anne. Having previously worked with studios that managed payments manually, she knew how time-consuming tracking those payments could be. The automated payments offered by Amilia have been a lifesaver for City Dance Arts. Mary Anne can dedicate herself to teaching instead of chasing down payments and laboring over administrative work.

“Amilia's platform allows me to focus on the dance side of things.”

Mary Anne Campbell, Founder and Owner, City Dance Arts 

Diversifying revenue streams

The versatility of the Amilia platform allows Mary Anne to create multiple streams of revenue to keep her new business running. City Dance Arts has made use of the online store, offering everything from makeup and dance apparel, to selling professional photos.

Another unique example is an after-school program where Mary Ann chauffeurs a small group of kids from school to the studio so they can share in an hour-long dance class that she teaches. It's become quite popular! Diversifying revenue sources to better prepare for unforeseen events was made easier with Amilia’s online platform and led to a successful second year in business. City Dance Arts saw a 64% increase in participants between the 2020-2021 season and the 2021-2022 season.

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Meet our partner, Beyond Dance Consulting

Tracey knows the dance world quite well; she has over 20 years of professional dancing and teaching experience. When asked how she got into consulting, her response was simple: she really loves helping people. By providing expert advice, Tracey gives dance studios the tools they need to truly succeed by working with them on a personal level. Every studio has different goals and needs, and she is there to fill in any gaps they encounter. She is passionate about working with creative people, finding solutions, and giving support where needed to ultimately see a positive impact on their business.  

“Being able to connect with people is what turned me to consulting. Every studio is different, so it’s very important I connect with them. I help them realize their worth.”

Tracey Chamberlain, Founder and Owner, Beyond Dance Consulting

About City Dance Arts

Based in Toronto, City Dance Arts is a dance studio for students of all ages. Mary Anne, founder and owner, is a professional dancer with years of international experience. She has danced everywhere from Toronto to England to Trinidad and Tobago.

City Dance Arts focuses on technical skills, artistic development, and understanding the importance of sharing your art – all dancers have the opportunity to perform live on stage. City Dance Arts had a successful first year and witnessed such a significant increase in participants that Mary Anne expanded her studio! This rapid growth and her satisfied customers (and don’t forget the happy parents!) are attributed to her hard work, Tracey’s assistance, and of course, Amilia.

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